50 People From Brooklyn 2

It’s in the middle of the night here in the Netherlands at the time I’m writing this post. I can’t resist the habit of aimless browsing for a couple of minutes. Of course something caught my attention. A video where 50 people from Brooklyn where asked one simple question.

Of course I first have to mention the source as I embed the video of the makers, it’s from the website 50 People One Question. They asked 50 people in Brooklyn where they would like to wake up tomorrow. Just that simple. It makes me think myself and it’s so nice to hear what the people have to say.

The one I like the most is this fantasy about a closet where you can walk in and then walk out of a closed somewhere else. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if something like this would exist? I could easily join a cop of coffee together with my sister in Brooklyn without a 6000 kilometer flight.

Enjoy the answers, take a look at the creators site and/or share with us where you would like to wake up tomorrow.

Good night!

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