Did You Go To The Edge?

Canon EOS 400D front view with kit lens EF-S 1...

Today my friend Peter came along for a cup of coffee and we had, as always, a very inspiring conversation about… everything. You know how it works when you are enthusiast about more than one thing. The conversation goes everywhere and takes hours. At least if you have time for that. We just took it.

As we are both like photography and we both have the same camera, a Canon EOS 400D aka as Canon Rebel XSi in the USA, I always like to tease Peter with a new gadget I just purchased for a bargain price. A while ago it was flashlight from Vivitar that I bought via eBay in Hong Kong, what was highly recommended by photographer Nathanael Gasset (interviewed earlier on this blog). Today it was a remote control I purchased via eBay from a Dutch seller and it was really a bargain, under the 5 Euro inclusive shipping.

The reason why I wanted this remote control was an annoying fact: if you use the normal on board timer to make a self portrait the auto-focus don’t reacts and makes it a hell of a work to take sharp picture of yourself. You just can’t stand in front of the camera whilst focusing by pressing the shutter button halfway. Unless you have arms long as an octopus you need a remote control. Let’s face it, this is ridiculous when you compare the price of a DSLR with a Point-and-shoot camera. Shouldn’t it be normal that this effing auto-focus just does what it’s supposed to do, just as on the cheaper camera? However, I drift off. Back to the conversation:

After agreeing how fantastic our cameras are (of course), I said to Peter that I stuck to this camera, no matter which model will be released in the near future. The reason to do this is quite simple: I did not yet made any picture that brought the camera to the edge of it’s capabilities. Why should I buy a more expensive one with more of this and more of that if I didn’t yet got the maximum out of this one?

The funny thing came, when I took a look in my Google reader an hour after Peter had left. There was this amazing article on Digital Photography School, that read: Stop Wishing for that Amazing Camera and Appreciate the one you’ve got. Dan Dyer showed in this article an amazing picture, taken with an point-and-shoot-camera and stated what I’ve said an hour before.

It was not just this funny coincidence that amused me, but also the thought that you can transfer this little principle in many aspects of your life. Just by asking yourself: did I get the maximum out of it? Did I go to the edges of my capabilities? Do I really know the maximum of my capabilities?

My honest answer has to be: NO! That’s why I keep trying to get the maximum out of this life, before I’m gone…

See you soon!


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