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Imagine there is a broken drainage pipe in your bathroom. You call a plumber and while he is repairing the damage there will be even more water poured over your wooden floors for a moment, before it finally stops leaking. Would you blame him after all for the damaged drainage pipe? I don’t know about you, but I think I would feel rather ridiculous by doing that. I would thank him for fixing the pipes.

Do you think the described above is crazy? Me too, but that is precisely what some critics of your new president are doing: blaming the plumber.

We all know that what a man can build, can be destroyed by a man. The economic crisis is the biggest example for this in history. Personally I strongly believe that what a man can destroy, he can rebuild as well.

From my point of view I can say that I have never seen any politician who was so open with his plans like your new president. Here in the Netherlands their main business is to lie and trying to cover their lies. Then they get caught by a politician from the opposite party and blaming them for lying about their lies. And so it’s going on and on. They are never clear in what they doing and they never talk straight to the point. In fact, nobody is knowing what they are up to.

Most people I know over here envy you for having a president who is clear in what he is doing.

Thank you for your attantion!


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4 thoughts on “Do You Blame The Plumber?

  • Ilaria/Swimturtle

    I agree with you 100%. The fact is that people have become very comfortable with the way we have been living, and now that sacrifices have to be made, no one is willing to make them. So the result is that people complain and criticize and don’t want to accept that things just have to change, that’s all there is to it. We have to go back to simpler times, live on a budget, live on a smaller scale, eat out less, buy fewer things and just make do with what we have. If we all make small sacrifices, they will add up to a big change.
    I have a lot of faith in Obama and I love his style. Every time he talks I believe what he says, I trust him and I have faith that what he says will come to pass. Let’s hope enough other people share my feelings to make it all happen!
    Thanks for this post, Mario!

  • shea

    I agree. It’s too soon to say whether what he’s doing is the best, or even right, but at least he’s trying, and optimistic. He’s not all doom and gloom about everything like the last guy. So far, I like him. I think he’s doing a good job considering what a mess everything is in right now. It took years to get here. It might take years to get out, if we can. Either way, doing something, is better than doing nothing. I like too how when someone does the right thing, he points that out. I wonder though, if he really knew what a tough job he was getting into, as I can see the weight on his shoulders in his eyes. As far as a politician goes, I think he’s about as straight forward as they get.

  • Mario Post author

    @ilaria, @Shea,
    I found his speech very motivating. I was amazed that someone could talk nearly an hour without saying ‘um’ all the time. OK, he might had practiced in front of the bathroom mirror. When it comes to our politicians I tried stop listening a while ago. They just keep telling us what hard times are coming and it’s all doom and gloom. No positivity from their part.

    Analogy: I wouldn’t be surprised either about law suits. I remember when I was working in an IT support team, clients who i.e. had deleted all their data’s on the local HD of their computer blamed us when we arrived to see if we could solve their problems.