How Scam Sites Fake The Income Statistics! 2

This blog is not about internet marketing. Neither is it about earning any money on the Internet. Even though I have no other income than from affiliate marketing. I am not here to teach you anything about it. There are enough sites and blogs out there who do their job very well.

But as there are many scam sites out there who try to get you over the threshold to buy any ‘success granted’ product with their income statistics, I feel the need to inform you about something important. I am pretty sure you have seen dozens of websites where income statistics are presented and you thougth: ‘Wow, so much money in just a few days! I want that too!’

I want to warn you and reveal a little trick here. The nice thing is, you can try it right now by yourself:

Go to your AdSense or to your Amazon Associates account area. Then type in the searchbar of your browser the following (just copy and paste):
javascript:document.body.contentEditable=’true’; document.designMode=’on’; void 0

Now you can edit the entire site. You can change all the numbers, make a screen shot of it and present it to the unknowing audience who immediately want to have this earnings too.

In the picture beneath you see a section from the Amazon Associates site where I give an example of a created revenue of $5.000,000 and a Referral Fee of $1.500,000. Yes, I wish it was true.

Note that I don’t say everybody is faking out there, but trust your gut and keep in mind that income statistics can be faked easily. I hope this information is useful for you and it will help you making the right decisions.

Good night!


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2 thoughts on “How Scam Sites Fake The Income Statistics!

  • Swimturtle

    Thanks, Mario! I have seen a few videos online that show how stats are faked like this, but it’s nice now and then to be reminded that we can’t believe everything we see.
    Ciao! :-)

  • ZuzannaM

    Hi Mario,

    I like your blog about the scam. Apparently people need to be aware
    that these scams happen and be aware not to fall into someones trap.

    Great post, thank you!