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Do you sometimes think about what you have accomplished so far in your life? Do you sometimes wonder what other people your age have accomplished? Honestly, sometimes I do but I focus my attention most of the time on people who I consider successful.  Not so yesterday.

Yesterday while I did some useless surfing on the Internet before I went to bed I found out what other people at my current age (42 <– can’t be!) accomplished.

Here we go:

Arlette Rafferty Schweitzer became the first woman to give birth to her own grandchildren.
Even if I could I wouldn’t do that.

Mme. Tussaud opened her wax museum.
(This is great! You see, you don’t have to be in your twenties to achieve something wonderful.)

Henry Shrapnel, an English artillery officer, invented the shrapnel shell.
(I rather would invent something that let all the weapons disappear forever.)

“Satchel” Paige became the first black pitcher in the American League.
(If someone can explain this Dutchman what a pitcher is, he can say something about it. For now I just think it’s fine that Mr. Paige achieved this, as I assume that he became a pitcher out of free will. However, I think the color of your skin shouldn’t be significant. It’s just an organ, remember?)

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar became the oldest NBA regular player.
(I think this is a positive one too. On my next stay in the states I have to learn about these things, even though I’m not interested in sports.)

Tennis player Bill Raskam became Renee Richards and registered for the U.S. Women’s Tennis championships.
(Please explain: did he change his gender or did he just shave his legs and became a kind of a Tennis playing Drag Queen?)

Junk bond promoter Michael Milken was indicted for conspiracy, racketeering, and securities fraud.
(I am surly not envying this accomplishment.)

Joseph Hazelwood left the bridge of the Exxon Valdez and turned over control to a shipmate, after which the ship struck a reef and leaked 11 million gallons of crude oil.
(As I said in the ‘catchy’ headline, I’m not going to do something like that)

Sue Miller published her first novel at 42. Two of her novels have since been made into feature films.
(Now we are talking. It is never too late and I understand that I definitely have to talk to Nicolas Cage)

If you want to know what other people of your age have accomplished and are curious if it’s worthwile for you, you can check it out here. Just fill in your age and let them surprise you!
Of course we are curious what your results will be, so please share it with us in the comments below!

Have a nice day!


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2 thoughts on “I’m Not Going To Leak 11 Million Gallons Of Crude Oil

  • Swimturtle

    Hi Mario, as you know I’m 46. Have fun reading this crazy list!
    At age 46:

    Mary Leakey first spotted the fossilized molar teeth that won Louis Leakey fame for discovery of the missing link.
    (this is the missing link between man and ape)

    Benjamin Franklin conducted experiments with a kite and discovered that lightning is an electrical discharge.

    A Scottish surgeon, James Baird, discovered hypnosis.
    (I like this one)

    Golfer Jack Nicklaus became the oldest man ever to win the Masters.

    Alfred Eisenstaedt made his most famous photo, of a sailor sweeping up a girl in a kiss during a V-J day celebration in Times Square.
    (Do you know this photo? I love it, because I’m a romantic and I love kissing — you can Google it if you don’t know it)

    Isabel Bevier became the first person to use a thermometer for meat cooking.
    (I think this one is funny!)

    President John F. Kennedy was killed in Dallas in what was probably, according to the House Select Committee on Assassinations, a conspiracy. He had planned to tell the crowd that working for peace was not a sign of weakness, and to pledge that America’s strength “will never be used in pursuit of aggressive ambitions.”
    (This one is very sad, for many reasons of course)

    By age 46, Victor Pigott successfully completed five Bachelor degrees, six graduate diplomas and three Master’s degrees, plus some incomplete qualifications.
    (I am following in the footsteps of this guy. I have one Bachelor’s and two Master’s and some incomplete work — not nearly as accomplished as Pigott, but I can see that we are similarly afflicted by the disease of the perpetual student)