A Ice Cold Fist Grabbed My Heart

It’s a couple of weeks ago already that I watched the movie Hotel Rwanda with Don Cheadle, Nick Nolte en Sophie Okonedo. In the first place I wasn’t sure if I could and should write a review about this movie. This was because of two reasons: the first one was that I couldn’t find the words to describe the emotions I had during and after watching it. The second reason was that my reviews are normally light hearted written and let’s face it, it’s very different to write about the booty of an actress or about a genocide where about 1 million people where killed within 3 months.The movie lay on my table for a while before I decided to watch it at last. After Blood Diamonds and The last King of Scotland I needed a time out. As I told in my review of the latter, I don’t like movies that show a overload of violence. Just as the in The last King of Scotland, a sublime work was done by not going into much detail regarding the violence. The story of it’s own was violent enough to make me feel as if a ice cold fist had grabbed my heart. I was ashamed. Ashamed about the fact that while this happened the whole world had looked aside. Me, you, the rest of the world. We all heard it in the media about Hutu where killing Tutsi with machetes.  Slaughtering innocent people. I can’t describe the feeling I had in a other way than this. I was ashamed and wondered why and how the following is possible: a horrible act of violence committed in WWII, when a genocide took place and 6 million people where murdered, is still discussed every given day after more than 60 years, while a genocide where 1 million people got murdered is ignored while it happened?
I just don’t get it. Are we out of our minds?

Having written this, it is maybe clear why it isn’t easy for me to write a review about this movie. The subject is absorbing me in a way that I drift off. OK, you already guessed rigth that I recommend this movie. Here’s why:

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From the very first moment I was in the ban of Don Cheadle’s convincing acting performance. I’m glad that he at least was nominated for an Academy Award.

My reaction is a proof that this movie has reached his goal. It make’s you think. This all goes hand in hand with an outstanding cast and a good camera work.

Again, I can highly recommend this movie and give it 5 stars out of 5.

Thanks you for reading this.


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