Would You Clone The Killer Of Your Daughter?

How far would you go to stand face to face with the murderer of your daughter? If you where a scientist who has a blood sample from the crime scene, would you extract some DNA and clone him? If this would be the only way to find the killer and bring him to justice?

Are this creepy questions or not? Very weird thoughts indeed. Main character Davis Moore is going that far. He clones the murderer of his daughter and observes the boy rising. One day, he knows it for sure, he will look in the eyes of the cold blooded killer and knows precisely who he has to hunt an track down.

Of course there is an other question rising: has Davis Moore unleashed a new serial killer? Can he bear it?
I read this book in 2006 and the story is so intriguing that it stayed in my memory for month after reading.

Kevin Guilfoile‘s thriller swallows you and spits you out again in the end. It’s a slap in your face. You will think back on this masterpiece a long time after reading it, just like I did.

How far would you go? The way to your local bookstore or the mouse click to Amazon or any other on-line store is this book more than worth.

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