It’s Not The Blues, It’s Her… 2

OK, it sounds a little like defending myself by saying that I watch a movie purley because of it’s content. As there is the plot, the cast, the soundtrack and the composition of camera shots. But it’s true. What is also true is the fact that I never was one of those who said that Christina Ricci is a great looking actress. She is a very good actress, no doubt about that, but I never considered her as great looking.

That said, I have to admit that there were three reasons for me to watch the movie Black Snake Moan:

  1. Christina Ricci’s body
  2. Christina Ricci’s body
    and last but not least
  3. Christina Ricci’s body

Shame on me! But I can explain: I like Samual Jackson as well. He was drawing my attention first when I was looking at the cover of the DVD and I thougth: ‘Cool, a movie with Samual Jackson tonight!’ My second thought was: ‘You’re kidding, this amazing looking babe beside him is Ms Ricci?’ So, I had to see it. And I really liked the movie, the acting and all. What I did not like that much was when Samual Jackson started singing. They should have leave the singing part to Justin Timberlake, who played a role also.

However,  the unusual plot of an sex-addicted girl (Ricci) and a Blues singer (Jackson) who is a god fearing man (don’t know if I say this correct) who ties her with a chain to a radiator made everything good. He ties her to the radiator to heal her from her addiction, after he found her half death on the street.

I don’t have much understanding of the Blues part and it’s not my favorite music, but I think that fans will love the soundtrack. It’s a movie I recommended to my friend Pedro, and when I dare recommending a movie to him, I dare recommending it to everybody. There was no unnecessary length or something else that annoyed me. An easy-watching movie with a surprisingly sexy…you know who.

Have fun!


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