Annoying The Crap Out Of People By Doing Nothing 3

Maybe I’m one of this people who have missed the latest trends, but because I think there are many people out there who missed it also, I write this post anyway.

Especially for regular Youtube visitors this isn’t new. I’m writing about Magibon. She is a fake Japanese girl from Florida. She looks like a Manga doll that came to live and her video’s have millions of views. The reason for her fame is that she is doing absolutley nothing at all, except staring, waveing and so now and then making a peace sign into the camera. Oh yes, sometimes she says in Japanese (she even has been invited by a Japanese TV-station) that pizza tastes great and that she is studieing Japanese.

Magibon seems to have many followers (70.000 or so) and as said her video’s are watched millions of time. Those who ever wanted to become famous by doing nothing will be disappointed that someone else was first with doing it. Yes, right, doing nothing.

There are also a lot of people who dislike her, but that will always be with famous people, even when they do nothinng at all. Some people are so annoyed by her that they are making their own video’s inspired by this girl. Lucky enought they don’t do nothing, but actually make very funny movies, like this two guys:

Now you can go ahead with doing what you were up to and enjoy your evening. Thanks for your visit!


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3 thoughts on “Annoying The Crap Out Of People By Doing Nothing

  • Swimturtle

    That is a very funny post! It’s amazing how you can get famous doing anything, if you are committed to it. Even if that anything is nothing! Obviously this girl is committed to what she does and she does it seriously. I admit that even though I don’t find it very interesting, I admire her, because she has figured something out! Good for her!

  • Mario Post author

    It proofs once more that you just have to do it, even if it is nothing. I can imagine that there are a lot of people out there who thought about the possibility to become famous by doing nothing. She just did it. It should motivate everyone of us, whether you like her or not.

  • Susanimate

    Funny Girl, Funny video clip. Good job. I’m sure most of the hits her videos get are from horny boys who like to look at a cute girl. I mean she’s cute enough to attract grown men too. She does look like some form of Japanimation.