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Just saw this amazing movie masterpiece with James McAvoy (I knew I know this guy from ‘Wanted’) as Dr. Nicholas Garrigan and Forest Whitaker in his Oscar role (2007) as Idi Amin. Of course I’ve heard the name Idi Amin when I was a boy, but I did not know that it was a dictator. (I often wonder if there is another kind of President like this out there in Afrika). When I see that this all took place in the ’70 when I was a kid, I notice that I’m getting old. But OK, that’s not the point now.
The movie was shocking at least, but not in a cheap way. The strength came pure out of the acting of the awesome cast, whilst the violence was suggested instead of shown. That made the movie confronting but not disgusting. I hate to much violence (not just in movies) and I dislike movies that are filled up with unnecessary pictures of acts of violence, just because the director wasn’t able or sensitive enough to show more with less. In this point of view ‘The Last King Of Scotland’ is an absolute winner.

The movie tells the story about a doctor from Scotland who by coincidence becomes the personal medical advisor of Idi Amin, who took Uganda over from President Obote. In the beginning Dr. Carrigan is honored, but as soon as he notices what a unbelievable beast he is working for he got big problems with his conscience.

The most scary thing about Idi Amin, as shown in the movie, was the happy, funny and almost childish behaviour. The monster that was slumbering under the surface didn’t come out to fast. In the beginning it was somewhat impossible not to like him. I think that is what it takes to make playing this role a challenge. Please keep in mind that I watched this video without any historical knowledge of the subject. When I was a thirteen year old boy I didn’t follow the news. (Gosh, was I lucky without knowing about all this bad things going on in the world).

When I have to rate the movie with a maximum of 5 stars I want to give it 4, because after approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes there is a certain length that I can’t describe. I don’t know what there could have been cut out (I guess nothing) but I had the feeling that the movie was slowing down a little, before the drive came back in the end. However, all thumbs up for the frightening play of Forest Whitaker.

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  • Swimturtle

    Hello Mario, another great review. I didn’t see this movie because the previews frightened me. I have seen this preview many times, and it still frightens me. Maybe now I will work up the courage to see it. It’s important to know something of our recent history, even if of course it has been fictionalized, but it sensitizes us to what has happened in Africa, and is still happening in many African countries today.