Light Of My Life, Fire Of My Loins, My Sin, My Soul… 3

If you read this title of the today’s Wednesday Movie Review, you can already guess that I watched recently the 1997 remake of the literary movie LOLITA with Jeremy Irons and Dominique Swain.

Together with my girlfriend I enjoyed every single one of the in total 137 minutes of the movie. Just like Leone would have done, Adrian Lyne took these shots that told the story together with the music, written and orchestrated by Ennio Morricone. This is one of the reasons that this movie made a lasting impression on me. The story by Vladimir Nabokov, the acting, the music, just ever bit is a masterpiece. That’s why I give this movie 5 out of 5 stars if you ask me. And you do ask me (smirk).

After watching the movie I was searching like a maniac for a trailer on Youtube and other places on the web, but I couldn’t find any. But luckily I found something else for you: some users on Youtube were so friendly to share some lost scenes and screen test from the movie. This way I can embed in this last post of the year some extra material.

Screen test:

Lost Scenes:

Please be careful with you fireworks tonight, to make sure you can read this blog next year without depending on special usability tools.

I wish you a happy 2009 already!


P.S.: If you found any typos in this post, it’s because I am drunk already.

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3 thoughts on “Light Of My Life, Fire Of My Loins, My Sin, My Soul…

  • Swimturtle

    Mario, I loved this review! And all these videos!!! I couldn’t watch them all, because I too have work to do, but this was a great one! Lolita is such a powerful work that I have never had the courage to read it. There is something about it that scares me. But now that I have seen this material I feel that my life cannot continue without reading this book!
    Thank you, as always!!

  • hklbry

    I love the look and sound of this movie! I’m always mesmerized by Jeremy Irons. He can be so subtle while leaving no doubt what his character is thinking.

    Happy New Year! I won’t begin drinking for at least another 12 hours!

  • Mario Post author

    Jeremy Irons plays this character very well. The emotion of just being used by this little femme fatal.

    I have one bottle of wine left for the rest of the day…

    Happy New Year everybody!