Craving Buster After Christmas (Mario on Paul McKenna Part #3)

Just a couple of days to go and our plates will be filled up with delicious food. I don’t say that you do not eat delicious meals during the rest of the year. The Christmas days just make some dinners even more delicious. For many people this is the point were they start thinking about starting with dieting when New Years Eve has come. Sounds recognizable?

This is a good moment to share with you my experience with Paul McKenna‘s I can make you thin program. I have to admit, I just bought his book I can make you thin and the result was just like I thought it would be: I came back into the shape I wanted and stayed that way. When the shape changes I can re-adjust it simple by doing what Paul is telling. My goal is to have a weight around the 80 kg and I achieved it.

Through the years I had tried very different methods to lose weight and always came to one conclusion: it worked until the dieting thing was over for a couple of weeks or 2 or 3 months. After that my belly became bigger again. Of course I gave up on those whole dieting market with all this dieting gurus out there. But after having very positive experiences with Paul McKenna as described in my first post on him, I thought OK, then give it a try. Of course I had some outlandish demands regarding losing weight:

  1. I didn’t wanted to do any workout.
  2. I didn’t wanted to be forced eating amounts of salad like a rabbit.
  3. I didn’t want to starve between meals.
  4. In fact I didn’t want to make any concessions about what I eat.

Sounds pretty stupid for someone who says that he seriously wants to lose weight, doesn’t it? But that was what I wanted, that is what most people want who wanna lose weight and the best of all: it is what people get who are losing weight the McKenna way! As he has a success rate of 70% there is one thing to keep in mind during the process: do what he is telling you. Don’t blame him if you don’t do what he is telling you. Just do it and learn why ‘normal’ diets don’t work.

I wish you very delicious Christmas meals!

See you soon!

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