Obama Elected President Full Speech (posted for the foreign countries)

I am sure there is no American citizen who did not see and hear the speech of the elected President Obama.  As I know that there are countries (especially my own, the Netherlands) where his speech wasn’t broadcasted in its full length, I see it as my duty to include the video’s here for them. I thougth that this speech was so amazing that they should enjoy it in it’s full length rather than a few fragments of it. I know that everybody just can look it up on Youtube, but I also know that some people like it when somebody else already looked it up for them. Don’t call them lazy, I am one of them ;-)

The speech is devided into two video’s. If there are enough comments and request for it I am willing to post a version with the complete Dutch subtitles or a seperate special Dutch transcription of it.

For my dear readers that already enjoyed the speech: please feel free to skip this post and sorry for stealing your time with it.

For all the others: Enjoy just like we dit here in America at the end of the election!

As I know how timeconsuming Internet can be in these days I very appreciate that you took the time and visited my blog. Thank you so much!

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