Newsflash About Horacio Cane – Dead or Not? 3

You know what annoys most viewers of CSI (Vegas), CSI Miami and CSI New York in the Netherlands? It’s the stupid kind of broadcasting. RTL4 and RTL5 seem not to be able to broadcast the episodes in the right order. When there is a episode that says in the end ‘to be continued’, guess what? In stead of showing the next episodes where whole the Netherlands is waiting for, they first show us for a couple of weeks some episodes from older seasons. Why they are doing that? Before I give my opinion I want to share with you the video that solves the riddle about Horacio Canes death last week.

In my opinion they think the Dutch viewers are silly and so they try to attract them to watch every week. More viewers, more income in advertising. Keep the stupid people a couple of weeks longer in front of their tellies. Duh, this is unnecessary dumbos! They already watch every effing week, even if there is no CSI. Savvy?

My plae to the responsible persons at RTL: CSI is one of your greatest assets. Don’t you fucking mess it up.

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3 thoughts on “Newsflash About Horacio Cane – Dead or Not?

  • Swimturtle

    I have seen quite a few episodes of Miami CSI but I have never succeeded in seeing the one that came after the one where Horatio dies. I have to say that though the series is fun for the reasons that Calleigh just said in the video, the acting, especially of Horatio, is too rigid and stiff. I wish we COULD see more of how much fun they have.

  • Mario Post author

    What I like about Horacio Cane is all that stuff some friends of mine dislike him for.
    For example:
    In a shooting a few episodes ago, he was the only guy with 9 bullets in his gun. (It’s so comic strip)
    He always has his ‘cool openings sentence’ before the title appears. ‘This is not an accident, Joe. We have a crime scene here.’ (It’s so comic strip)
    He comes out of the elevator and takes his sunglasses of. (It’s so comic strip)
    The light weight sunglasses are so heavy that he needs to put them on with two hands and his is very concentrated in this process. (It’s so comic strip)

    I like Horacio Cane for all this.

  • Kayla

    Horacio Cane is the best thing ever.
    He would murder some Chuck Norris.
    Horacio is amazing and everything he does is freakin’ cool.
    Don’t hate on him.
    That’s just dumb!
    He owns you.