Fighting Chopsticks In A Sushi bar And Looking For King Kong

I wasn’t aware of how many people in the Western world are familiar with how to use chopsticks. Don’t misunderstand me, I’m not one of them. I remember that I one or two times in my life had tried to feed myself with these tools, but never brought it to the end of my meal without a fork. That is why I was amazed when I saw all this people handled this sticks as if they never had eaten with something else before. When Ilaria lead me to a real sushi bar in New York City (what is especially exciting when you just know them from the movies), I thought I could help myself with it. Ilaria told me the trick of the whole thing, what means that you just move the upper one, whilst the lower stick is resting on your fingers.
Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Now, in one way or the other I gave up too soon, because I recognized that my low speed of handling would have caused the staff of the sushi bar to make overhours, just for me waiting to finish my dinner. I’m sure nor the staff nor the owner would have appreciate that. So at last I had to ask with a shy tone in my voice for a fork. The chopsticks won the battle this time. Again. Learn from it and don’t let this happen to you. In the meantime I discovered a brief how-to-video on Youtube, made by a friendly Asian guy:

I really should have seen this before. But wether with chopsticks or a fork, I enjoyed the meal that was so well explained by Ilaria. When I look at the video I become hungry again on the spot. You should too! If you are never had sushi before and it sounds a little scarry to you, you should watch it and try it the next time by yourself. Bon appetit!

After a light, healthy meal we went to take a walk, to see some buildings I just know from the movies. Like the Flat Iron Building and The Empire State Building. Be honest, when you think about this last building you think automaticly about King Kong, aren’t you? I did and guess what: the saying goes that it was a trick. Special effects. Of course you and I know beter, we saw the movie’s.

Thank you for visiting my blog again and forgiving me my typos.

Until next time, when I’ll try to catch up NaNoWriMo nearly two weeks too late.


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