Ready For Take Off

Today I finally took the definitive step and booked my flight to New York. From November  3 until November 9 I will visit Ilaria a.k.a. Swimturtle in Brooklyn to work together. Besides working, we also planned to keep an eye on each other’s NaNoWriMo activities.

As I have no plot yet, I consider working on it during the flight. But as we all know ‘No Plot, No Problem’ is the mother of the whole NaNoWriMo-mindset, therefore I’ll surly take te time to gaze at the clouds.

This is all very exciting because…
…I am forced to communicate in English. I will learn a lot from it, I hope.
…NaNoWriMo has its 10th anniversary and at the same time
…I visit for the first time in my life the USA whilst joining this event for the second time.
…I finally see the Brooklyn Bridge. Very common for most of you, but a far-from-my-bed-show for me.
…I did not fly in a long time.
…the next day the election begins.
Please don’t vote on me, unless I would see as a compliment. Your vote would not count and that would be a shame.

I’m curious how it all works. Unless I flew in the past for my work within Europe on a regular basis, I don’t know exactly what to do when I arrive at the airport. I learned that I could check in via the Internet. I also have a so-called e-ticket (no paper involved?). What’s about the boarding card? However, I’m glad that the airline has a support line with real people on the end of it. Therefore, everything will be fine.

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