NaNoWriMo 2008 thoughts 2

It’s amazing. The last month before November NaNo-madness seems to bring a fresh breeze into writers land. The group on Viddler is still growing. Some fellows from last year going to awake form a long sleep, it seems.

NaNo 2008 is an event you don’t wanna miss as a writer. But even if you see yourself not as a writer, but as somebody who writes so now and then a little, you don’t wanna miss it. Just as last year I am sure that the Viddler group will be more fun than the writing itself. Because writing a book/novel itself is a very lonely task.

The last few days I am a little confused. I didn’t yet finish the novel from last year, what was supposed to become my third book. It’s against the rules of NaNoWriMo not to start from scratch with a new novel in November. So just going ahead with the old novel is absolutely not done and it would disqualify me.

What I have to do is start writing my 4th book before I finished the third. Thats the only option. Pity in some way, because my 2007 novel is situated in New York and I have the good luck to be invited to New York in November. This would be a very good chance to do some research for my (yes, right) my 2007-novel. But…

However, I don’t know yet what I am writing and I still can situate the new novel in New York as well. Maybe I will surprise myself with a whole new idea when it all starts in November.

Besides this all I wonder if I try to write in English this time. Some of you will remember that I tried to write a movie script from my NaNo 2007 novel during the Script Frenzy event this year. I still feel a little guilty as I did not made it to the end of the event. It just don’t felt right to let it slip. But maybe I’ll join Script Frenzy for a second attempt in 2009.

For 2008 I know one thing for sure: watching the videos will distract you more than ever, as there are so much new members in the group on Viddler. Unbelievable!

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