Control (2004)

I didn’t know anything about the movie before I had hit the play button of my DVD-player. Hadn’t read the plot on the cover. I even didn’t look at the cast. Totally blank and without any prejudice I started to watch a very nice movie with Ray Liotta as a killer, who’s getting a second chance after his death penalty.

Willem Dafoe plays a doctor and therapist who find in the extreme violent Liotta the perfect patient for the test program of a new drug that must be able to make from killing lunatics responsible citizens who fit into society again.
Very entertaining. Good actors, nice plot and an ending that….

…find out for yourself.

Have fun. Sorry I did not find a trailer of the movie.

P.S.: Ray Liotta became one of my favorite actors when he together with Tom ‘Amadeus’ Hulce broke my heart with the movie ‘Dominick and Eugene’.

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