Blood Diamonds 1

This is in my opinion a very shocking movie. It shows how unbelievable cruel man can be.

The movie is situated in the Siërra Leone of 1999, when the country is in the ban of a civil war. Leonardo DiCaprio is very convincing in his role as Danny Archer, a smuggler who is specialized in the trade of so called Blood Diamonds. Rebells get financed with the revenues.

His life and look at the world is turning when he meets a fisher man who’s son is stolen from him and brainwashed to a child soldier.

Very good acting by Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Connelly en Djimon Hounsou.

The movie was nominated for 5 Oscar. DiCaprio was nominated as best actor in a leading role and Djimon Hounsou as best suporting actor.

Here’s the trailer:

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Watch the intereview with Jennifer Connelly:

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