Chicken Adoption

I was thinking about what to write as a first post of my new personal blog. Sometimes it’s hard to find something to start with. So why not just post about the e-mail I received yesterday morning. It was send by my girlfriend who is very animal minded.

She told me that she had adopted a chicken via the Dutch website She had read about it in one of these magazines she gets from her mother so now and then. Now she pays € 29,50 a year and has the warranty that her chicken is doing fine. Beside this she has an adress in her neighbourhood where she can get 6 eggs a month during that year.

Via a webcam she can take a look at a couple of chicken who are freely running around at a farm instead of sitting behind bars with tenthousand other chicken. One of this free chicken must be her adopted one. Of course she don’t knows her chicken in person and they all looking pretty much the same. However, she has the feeling that she did something good.

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